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    FMP 15 Advanced conditional formatting bug?


      Hello All


      Is there a known bug in the conditional formatting for FMP 15 advanced?


      I'm working with a button bar and attempting to set each button background to change color once the button is clicked (to show the user which layout they are currently on). When you right click on a button and go to conditional formatting the default condition format is " Formula Is". No matter what I do I cannot get it to switch to "Value Is". Is this a bug or am I just a moron?





      D. Garms

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          "Value is" refers to a field value, so this option is only available for fields.


          What value did you want to use in the calculation for Conditional Formatting?

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            Hi Erolist


            Thanks for your reply, once again I'm a moron  


            I had had it in my head that "value is" was the way to go for the button color change. As I said above, I'm just trying to setup a button bar that switches the user between different layouts with the button for the current layout being highlighte. I've only had 15 advanced for a few days now. Working on upgrading all of the systems at the company I work for. I've been using FM since 2009, but have only started teaching myself more advanced concepts for the past month now. Switching from 11 to 15 is going to be a lot to learn form me.


            thanks again for your help,


            D. Garms