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    Auto dates & scripts


      Hi - I’m new to Filemaker. Everyone here seems very advanced, so I hope you’ll be patient with me!


      I’m setting up a membership database and want to record when a renewal notice has been sent out to each member, then automatically generate a reminder 2 weeks later (if the member has not responded).  I’ve created a button with a script that creates the renewal notice to go to a found set of records;  what I can’t figure out is how to note the date the letter was sent, and also how to then create an alert after 2 weeks if that member hasn’t responded.


      I'd really appreciate some pointers. Thank you!

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          You need to add a date field where you can enter today's date each time a renewal notice is sent for a given member record. You might have one data field, for date of last renewal notice or you might set up a related table where you add a new record each time you send out a renewal notice to a member.


          Get ( CurrentDate ) is the expression that you can use to add this date to a field in your solution. If you have a found set of records to update, Replace Field Contents can do this with the calculation option or you can use a looping script with set field to do the same.


          You then need a field in the same record to record the date of any member response.


          To find member records where the member records did not respond, you find all records where the date in the first date field (date notice was sent) is 14 days or older than today where the response date field is still empty.


          Enter find mode [ ]

          Set field [Members::DateRenewalNotice ; "<= " & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 14 ]
          Set Field [Members::RenewalResponse ; "=" ]
          Set Error Capture [on]
          Perform Find [ ]

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            Thank you for this - it's very helpful & gives me lots to think about (unfortunately I only have limited time to spend on this project, so it will be Friday before I can look at it again... very frustrating as I want to get cracking straight away!).