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Restricting developer access to confidential data

Question asked by pbedouk on Dec 18, 2016
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I wonder how you might handle this situation ...


I am developing a small-ish solution which will contain confidential patient medical information.


The client is using FM13 on her laptop (for other things).

The data currently exists in an excel spreadsheet.


QUESTION: Once the solution is deployed and loaded with data, how could I make future updates/changes without seeing the confidential stuff (patients name)? 


For the initial deployment I would proceed as follows (suggestion welcome!):


CLIENT: In her spreadsheet, add a new column and populate with a unique ID corresponding to the patient's name.

CLIENT: Copy the name and ID columns to another spreadsheet, which I would not see.

CLIENT: Erase the name column in the main spreadsheet


ME: Build the solution using this modified spreadsheet as test data.

BOTH: Test, modify etc. When ready ...


CLIENT: add unique ID to any new patients in her spreadsheet who may have arrived during the build and testing phase. Erase their names.


ME: Import (via a script) the current updated spreadsheet (which has the unique IDs in place of names).

ME: Deploy the solution via dropbox.


CLIENT: Move the file out of dropbox. (so I can't see it anymore)

CLIENT: Import (via a script) the second spreadsheet to populate the name field.


I think this satisfies the confidentiality requirement.


But how would I make, test and deploy changes in the future without seeing the patient name??