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Menues greyed out after script

Question asked by juegofono on Dec 19, 2016
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I programmed a database with a calculated containerfield (audio content), which is defined in the inspector as interactive content that starts playback automatically for the layout i refer to. The layout contains different scripts that change the content of the containerfield (for example you can see different notes and by clicking on them, the content of the containerfield changes and you hear it immediately.)


It works pretty well, but sometimes, after clicking several times, most of the menues are greyed out (for example "Script workspace") and I can#t use them. But scripts in the layout still can be processed. After changing to layout mode or preview mode and then back to browse mode the menues are back again (greyed out no more).


I had this strange behaviour in other databases and other contexts before sometimes, but I can't remember the concrete situations.


Does anybody have similar problems and is there a workout to solve the problem?