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Checkbox selection is slow

Question asked by sansae on Dec 19, 2016
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Hello friendly community,


My checkbox is performing very slowly. Can anyone help?


Here is the setup:

I have a field object called, departments, that is placed inside a popover object called Department. The control style for departments is a checkbox set that has 21 options to choose from.


I also have a field object called filter_service that is placed inside a popover object called Services. The control style for filter_service is also a checkbox set whose values depend on which department the user selects (it filters).


When the user selects ONE department, say Construction, the filter_service field shows the values related to that department. The problem is that when user selects a service, there is a delay in response of approximately 5 seconds.


The time of delay increases as the number of service selections increases. For instance, when user selects all the departments and all the services show up as possible selections in the checkbox set, one selection of ANY service will take approximately 23 seconds to actually become selected.


The two fields are coming from a table occurrence (TO) that my layout is based on. The values for both my value lists (one each for departments and filter_service) are coming from TO's that have a direct relationship with the TO that my layout is based on.


Can anyone help me understand this delayed response in selecting checkboxes?


Thanks in advance.