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Scrollable Popover for Checkboxes

Question asked by sansae on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by sansae

Hi All,


Where is the scrollbar option for popovers?


I've searched all over the fm community and while I've come across a plethora of posts that talk about this topic, none of them have helped me solve my problem. I've also read through the Basic and Advanced FM Pro Training Series PDFs.


What I want is to just have a scrollbar appear inside my popover. I'm not using a portal inside my popover, instead I'm using a field that has a Checkbox Set as its control style. In the popover button setup dialog, I only see an option to "Show Title Bar". There is no option to display a scrollbar. I've also checked the Inspector (while having the popover selected), but I don't see any scrollbar options. I've also checked Inspector with the checkbox field selected.


I've read that if we take out the border for the popover, and set the padding to 0 all across, then the scrollbar will appear. I've also seen a working example to this problem, found here: Re: Scrollable Checkboxes  Yea!

Kaostika says to extend the field beyond the popover border and a (horizontal) scrollbar will appear. I've tried that, and while it works, it still requires some extra work before you can use the scrollbar. When you click on the popover, a horizontal scroll shows for about 1 second, then it disappears. In order to make it appear and use it, you have to place your cursor over the area where you see the scrollbar and then move your mouse wheel up and down to make it show again. Right when the scroll shows, leaving the cursor on top of the scroll will keep it showing. At that point, you can use it. That's a bit much for the end-users, and probably not very professional.


I'm sure Filemaker Pro has a scrollbar feature for the popover. I just haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Can anyone help me with this?


I'm using FM Pro 15 (a full version; not trialed)

Windows 7

My field of checkboxes contain 184 values (Kaostika's example contains over 900 values)