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Hi all.

A few years ago on this forum, I asked the question "What can be done with a web viewer?" I got a few good answers. Then I joined my current company and decided to devote some time to learning what I could do with it. After building many sample files spread all through my computer, I started to get an inkling of all that can be done. There's great blog posts out there on the web viewer, and I read all those and wrestled with understanding the object.

During some down time, I began putting all the integrations into one file, a library of functionality I had previously integrated. There were two goals with this library:

1. Find useful functionality that could supplement or enhance a custom app.

2. Standardize the implementations using best practices.


Finally, I wanted this to be easy to implement into any custom app.

The result is this library, 22 (23, really) integrations that bring deeper functionality to a custom app. The library allows a developer to view how an integration could work in FileMaker, to manipulate the integration, and finally to push an integration to any custom app.


I wrote up five posts on the topic:

1. Web Viewer Integrations Library - Soliant Consulting

2. Data Structure of the Web Viewer Integrations Library

3. Web Viewer Integrations Library Overview - Soliant Consulting

4. Playing with a Web Viewer Integration - Soliant Consulting

5. Implementing a Web Viewer Integration - Soliant Consulting


Check it out. It is a work-in-progress. I'll be adding more integrations as time goes on. Feel free to suggest any new ones to me through the library itself (my email is listed there).


I'm still continuing my learning of the web viewer and its benefits and costs and potential pitfalls (*cough* IE and activeX *cough*), but the library is a useful resource for exploring what the web viewer can do and for using an integration in your own custom app.