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    Using Open File script step with a missing data source returns error 0


      Product and version

      FileMaker Pro Advanced


      OS and version

      macOS Sierra and Windows 7



      MacBook Pro



      I have a file, let's call this FileA. FileA contains a script which opens a file (FileB) using the Open File script step


      How to replicate

      Create two files (FileA and FileB), create a data source in FileA which points to FileB in File > Manage > External Data Sources.

      Create a script in FileA (ScriptA) as follows:

      Set Error Capture [On]

      Open File [ FileB ]

      Set Variable [ $Error ; Value: Get ( LastError ) ]

      Set Error Capture [Off]

      Show Custom Dialog [ $Error ]


      Run ScriptA, the file is opened and the custom dialog appears showing the number 0


      In FileA open File > Manage > External Data Sources and delete the reference to FileB


      In ScriptA the Open File step will now display as

      Open File [ <unknown> ]


      Run ScriptA, the file will not open and a custom dialog appears showing the number 0. I expected the error in the custom dialog to be something other than 0.


      I've attached a screenshot showing this error on a test file.