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Store the database locally on iPads and "sync" with server?

Question asked by jfetter on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by jfetter
Hey all!  I hope this finds you well.



We have an HVAC business, for which we are writing the software.  We have several techs out in the field, who will use iPads to access jobs, write work orders, complete the jobs, etc.


Our database is coming along nicely, except I noticed there is a slight lag every time you change screens/layouts on the iPad.  For example from Customers to Jobs to Inventory etc.


This is not surprising because we are hosting the database on our server at home, and each iPad is accessing the file through the internet.
As I understand it, every time you open a different layout, Customers for example, it has to grab ALL that information from the server.  (The scripts, the graphical elements, the data)


This seems extremely counterproductive to me on two accounts:
1) It is using much more bandwidth than necessary
2) It is causing slower loading times


Our customer list is virtually always the same.  Maybe once a month a new customer will be added, or some data will be slightly altered.  Why should we continue to use the internet to load this SAME data over and over and over?


To me it makes more sense to have the "bulk" of the database stored on each device (iPad), and every time you change pages or edit info on a screen, it "syncs" with the server and updates the needed information.  This way we are only relying on the internet for small packages of data usually comprising of text alone.


If you lose your iPad's internet connection briefly = no problem, because the device still holds all the essentials.  You keep working and when it reconnects 3 seconds later it will just update with the information you just entered.


Is this possible to do with Filemaker?