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Noob question about a multi-record layout

Question asked by baronvonteabag on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by philmodjunk

My apologies in advance if I'm too blind to see the obvious...I am still relearning this software and I think I may be making my life more difficult than it needs to be...


I am building an Estimating & related document database for my company (converting from Excel).

I have a layout where sales can enter data into a record with an "Estimating Ref No." assigned to it which for the most part is the key record for searches.  From the initial layout, I carry across some of that data to my estimating layout where I establish my pricing.  From there I want to generate a new layout called "Quote Cover Letter".  More often than not this cover letter will only have one line item on it which will be easily referenced by the est ref no I mentioned earlier.  But...on occasion a sales rep may need 3 or 4 quotes for the same customer...and rather than generate a different cover letter for each estimate reference no...I'd like to be able to put multiple reference numbers and their associated record info onto a single layout.  My guess is that the reason I am struggling to get the records onto one document is because all of the fields I need are in the same table.  Therefor I can't find a way to get the details to switch on each grouping of data based on a keyed in ref no. (see below)



I assumed that the first record would populate based on whatever record I am currently working on and then I could have these fields repeating and just key in the next reference number and have the partID and specs fill in accordingly.


What am I missing?