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    Web Direct Server Connections from FileMaker Pro Servers


      Just wondering…


      I have always had my FileMaker Server as a one MacMini Server solution (or XServe, or G4 Server, or… always a single box).


      I have several MacMini Servers available to me, so I thought I would 'split' my FileMaker Server and Web Direct Server (Worker).


      I am putting the WebDirect Server on a Virtual PC Server. I have it installed as a worker (found out I need to install the Worker first, then the Master second).


      Before I install the Master, I am wondering, can I experiment and install a temporary Master, the remove the temporary Master and install the real Master, or will I need to re-install the Worker?


      Also, could I install 2 Master Servers with one Worker Server?

      Or, could I install 2 Worker Servers with one Master Server?


      Want to know my options…

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          With FMServer 13, 14 and 15 you can only have one Master and one Worker for WebDirect. However, there is nothing stopping you testing and trying different Masters with the same Worker, or different Workers with the same Master, but when in actual use it's a 1-1 relationship.


          If a prospective Worker has had FileMaker Server installed using the "multiple machines" and "this is the worker" options selected (can't remember the exact words, but you'll figure it out!), then you simply link to it using the "Edit Deployment" option in the Admin Console of the Master.


          If you want to switch the Worker to a different Master, first you would Edit Deployment on the existing Master to "Single Machine", then Edit Deployment on the new Master to link it to the Worker.


          All of this assumes that you have installed the same version of FileMaker Server (including updates) on all of the machines concerned.




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            And don't forget: you can only have one Master running a given license key at any one time. If a license key is in use, and you try to start up another FileMaker server (Master) on the same LAN with the same License key, the second one will not serve databases - the Database Server process will "see" the other and stop.