Web Direct Server Connections from FileMaker Pro Servers

Discussion created by bvondeylen on Dec 20, 2016
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Just wondering…


I have always had my FileMaker Server as a one MacMini Server solution (or XServe, or G4 Server, or… always a single box).


I have several MacMini Servers available to me, so I thought I would 'split' my FileMaker Server and Web Direct Server (Worker).


I am putting the WebDirect Server on a Virtual PC Server. I have it installed as a worker (found out I need to install the Worker first, then the Master second).


Before I install the Master, I am wondering, can I experiment and install a temporary Master, the remove the temporary Master and install the real Master, or will I need to re-install the Worker?


Also, could I install 2 Master Servers with one Worker Server?

Or, could I install 2 Worker Servers with one Master Server?


Want to know my options…