Commit Records/Requests

Discussion created by neonsword2003 on Dec 20, 2016
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Product and version FileMaker Pro Advance 14.0.3 & Filemaker Pro Advance 15.0.2

OS and version Windows Pro 10

Hardware Desktop ( 8 Core AMD FX, 8ram 2TB HDD )




We found issue in the Commit Records/Requests with our database solution, We use Filemaker as a Front End and our Backend is MySQL with ODBC driver.




We have a table with mandatory fields. Our process is to create new record and the user must input data to the mandatory fields, and the layout is set to manual saving record. When the user tries to save the record and validate the mandatory fields, it generates an error when the mandatory fields are empty. Commit Records/Requests generate error number 509, field requires a valid value which is normal. The issue here is, instead of halting or stopping, it continues or force commit to create a new record. If the user saves it 5 times with validation field failed, it will create 5 blank records which is not normal.