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    Filemaker Go iPad photos blurry?


      Our team is using the most recent version of Filemaker Go for iPad and there has been a slew of complaints this season about photos being blurry or out of focus. I did some testing today with the built in camera app on several of our iPads (various models including iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro) and it appears the camera app captures a crisp and perfectly in focus image where as photos taken from within Filemaker Go look soft slightly out of focus... it's almost as if Filemaker Go is using more of a "screen capture" of the live feed from the camera vs taking an actual photograph. Almost looks like a still captured from a video feed. Not the best quality in terms of crispness, especially when compared with a photo taken with the built-in camera app.


      Anyone else notice this? Any solutions to improve photo taken within Filemaker Go?

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          Current version of FileMaker Go lets you change the quality/resolution of the picture. You can set the default programmatically and user can change it as well. I suspect your default is to smallest picture / lower quality

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            No, I'm not talking about the size of the image captured Small, Medium, Large, & Full. I'm talking about the actual METHOD Filemaker Go is using to capture image using the built in Camera on an iPad.


            Do this test. Place an object on your desk with text like an open book or magazine. Hold the iPad over it and take a photo using the built in Apple Camera App. now open Filemaker Go and take the same photo. What do you see? What we are seeing, regardless of size of image selected, are blurry/darker images when compared with the same images captured using the built in Apple Camera App. The reductio in quality is shocking.

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              Small, Medium, Large, & Full do refer resolution and therefore the quality of the picture.  Try to take a picture in Go with the size set to Full


              I tried this morning quickly and I do not see any difference. I will try again tomorrow and post the images for comparison. Can you post yours?


              The images in Go and Camera app are taken by the same camera and it looks like FileMaker is using Apple SDK to take Photos. There is no image manipulation of any sort built into FileMaker, unless it uses iOS to optimise images.


              You did not mention the version of FIleMAker Go - I am using 15.


              Also - how do you compare images? The best way, probably, is to download them to the desktop and open side by side.






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                We are using FMG 15. Will definitely compare actual DB pics not just what

                we see on the iPad screen and post a side by side.

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                  Good idea. I will have to do mine tomorrow - busy day at the office.

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                    +1 nicolai


                    I don't have any issue with images using FMGo.


                    FMGo uses the ios device camera system to capture the image.