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    Options on saving a record


      I have a form in a layout where users can enter values and click a save button, but if the users click anywhere outside the fields, it throws a popup like the one shown below



      If I click "Save", it works perfectly, whereas when I click "No", it shows the previous row in the table in the values, how do I control what happens to the layout when I use the options "No", "Cancel"

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          Clicking outside the fields commits a record back to the database. If you have the layout set to not save changes automatically, this is the response that you get. You can either choose to save changes automatically, use an "edit" layout where the user edits the data in global fields and "save" copies the values into corresponding fields of the record or redesign your layout so that users cannot click an empty part of the layout.


          To keep users from clicking the layout back ground, you would place a transparent button on the layout body sized to completely cover the body with all four auto-size anchors set and behind all fields and buttons on that layout part. Select a harmless button option such as resume. This will intercept the mouse click and keep it from committing records.

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            The feature worked in FileMaker desktop version but when I access it from webdirect, it failed, it keeps showing the dialog to save it when I clock outside.

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              Which one? I listed more than one option.

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                My bad. The option of having a button sent to the background worked when I accessed the layout in Filemaker but when I tried the same layout in webdirect, any click outside kept throwing the save record dialog box.

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                  What option did you select for the button? You may need to try other options. You can even use perform script to do something that has no actual effect on your database such as setting a field to the value that it already has.


                  I suggest this as an experiment as the click on a button really shouldn't then result in a "background click", but this is also a technique that I've only used in FileMaker Pro and Go.

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                    Having a dummy script line did the job!