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    Locking Individual Records by User


      Hi all,


      I have a fairly straightforward problem, but as yet, I haven't been able to find an elegant solution.


      I would like the ability to run a script through a button to lock an individual record from being edited, except by the user who originated the record.

      We are running FileMaker 14 and have five individual users. I would like the other users to be able to view and print the record if necessary, but not modify its contents.


      Ideally, the use case would go as such: the user would create the record, enter the contents, and then press a button to "lock" the record. Upon locking, I would like to have some way to show that the record is locked, and which user locked the record.


      Any ideas?





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          Open Manage | Security

          Select and edit the privilege set assigned to these users. (If there is more than one, repeat the following steps for each privilege set)

          In the Records drop down, select the option for Custom access.

          In the Edit column select the "limited..." option in the drop down at the bottom of the dialog

          Enter an expression such as:

          CreatedBy = Get ( AccountName )


          Where CreatedBY is a text field that auto-enters the user's account name at the time that the user created the record. If you have existing records and do not have such a field, you'll need to add this field and then update the contents of this field for all currently existing records before this will work for your users.


          Repeat this for the "delete" column


          Users will now be able to view all records but will get error messages if they try to edit records that they did not create.