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    Radio buttons for filter, without database/table


      I am trying to make a filter controls for my database's list layout (which is separated by the job status of completion, which is 4 possibilities- and a 5th for all). I was able to make radio buttons in the forms for the completion to separate properly when using a sub-summary divider. But I am now trying to filter the list more refined (completion status). I am able to perform this with button, but it is completely lacking in usage as I also need to apply another radio button filter for job type (one of two).


      I cannot figure out how to make radio buttons WITHOUT having an entire extra database/table, and then how to make them actually work with a button. I did try using a table for the radio buttons and then applying it with the button using PerformFind[] and "=Filter::Completion" for its search criteria - but I just get unrelated table error (even though I made a relations connection with the two).

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          If you are going to use a radio button format with a value list, you have to set up a field for this purpose. That could be a field with global storage--the closest you can come to how this is done in other systems that let you put a control like this on a form without linking it to a table.


          You can also create a series of buttons that look and act like radio buttons, but which assign a value to a global variable. Whether this works for what you want to do or not depends on how you design your solution. Data in a global variable could be used to set up a find to find records, but can't be used as a match field in a relationship, for example.