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    Solution Integration


      I need  to integrate two different solutions that have scripts, value lists, functions, etc.

      Is there a way to import into a master solution all the components of another one, including relationships?

      If not, what would be the most efficient way to do so?  I have 45 files (with relationships), 15 value lists, 85 Layouts, 95 scripts. The main solution is obviously larger.


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          Johan Hedman

          There is no way to import relationships, value list and more, but there is for Custom Functions, Tables, Scripts can be copied.


          I would use Base Elements Migrate Report so that you make things in the right order and therefore do not end up with errors in your solution

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            Taking one step back: it is not always better to consolidate everything into one file.  There are many good reasons to split the solution.  Backup efficiency, ease of data migration, ease of updating the solution etc.

            So consider all aspects before moving everything into one file.