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    Top call stats logging description of "operation" and "targets"?





      we have a huge in house FileMaker solution and we are excited about the new top call stats loggin feature in FileMaker Server 15. But even after extensive web research I cannot find any detailed description for all the possible values in the "operation" and "target" columns? Do you have a tech brief or something to help us understand whats going on?



      For example: What means "Download with lock" + "SomeFileName::Table(123)"...



      Thanks so much for your help!







      PS: I already watched the respective DevCon 2016 session FM DevCon 16 / Core: Under the Hood - Server Performance - YouTube Helped a little, but the examples used in the video are far different from the problems we are trying to solve!

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          I don't think there is a comprehensive guide.  I've found that the most useful way to approach this is to run some tests in isolation.  Put your solution on a dev server so that you can be the only one connected.  Then everything in the top call log will be you.


          Remember that the top call log will only record the top x calls in the given timespan.  So interpreting the log for a busy production server can be difficult because it will not show the complete action of any one user, only the bits and pieces that were expensive.  Which is very scattered way of collecting data and difficult to detect patterns.

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            You are right. Making sense of top 25 call stats of a server with 180 rather active users isn´t showing the whole picture at all. ;-) OK, so I´ll try finding out what the stats tell me by using your isolation approach... But still... If FileMaker is reading this --> It´s time for a tech brief on server stats!


            Thanks Wim!