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      Hi, is there a possibility to import multiples tables into one? Not records, tables. Ex: Use the Contacts and Billing from the Solution provided by FileMaker 15 and use these as a strarting point. I would like to see them 2 in the tables and not make a relationship between them.



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          Thank you for your post!


          With FileMaker Pro Advanced you are able to import or copy entire tables from one file to another via File > Manage > Database... In FileMaker Pro you can copy Fields between files. For this you might create Two Tables in a New File to pull fields from the Tables in other files.


          I am also going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space, which is specifically for input on the Community itself, to the Discussions Space where others might find your post easier and offer further advice.


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            To add to that, you can merge the definitions (not data) for two tables into one in FileMaker advanced by copy/pasting field definitions from one table to the other. From the names, however, this doesn't sound like a good idea to do here.

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              Thanks guys, I need Filemaker 15 advenced.