hello i copy out my conversation about my filemaker problem

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Hello Jose,


Thank you for the prompt reply.


The exact problem I have with filemaker is that upon upgrading,


necessarily because it is very old the version we work on and it is

collapsing soon,


the entire database is in Greek language and displayed like this «š ?? ¶ž ¢

?? ™ ƒ ?? žÀ 14» after the update.


Is there any hope?



I attach a file to be checked.


Thank you very much Pery







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Subject: Good morning ladies and gentlemen We are a local company operating

in many...





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Good morning ladies and gentlemen We are a local company operating in




Response By Email (Jose Souto) (Dec 14, 2016 12:07 AM PST)


Hello Pery,


Thank you for contacting FileMaker Customer Support.


Could you please confirm what is the issue that is preventing you of

updating your database?


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support on: 0845 603 9100

(United Kingdom) or 01 4073432 (Ireland), Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00

p.m. (excluding holidays)., and reference case number: 161213-000288.


Thank you,


Jose Souto

FileMaker International. – An Apple Subsidiary

2 Furzeground Way

Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex. UB11 1BB, UK


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using find operators

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hGvMc~yJfEscqVy75MvdzjPP9U> White Paper: Running FileMaker Pro 8 on

Citrix Presentation Server

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hGvMc~yJfEscqVy75MvdzjPP9U> White Paper: How to benefit from powerful

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Reference: 161213-000288






Customer By Ask a Question or Answer Feedback (Pery Nima) (Dec 12, 2016

11:36 PM PST)


Good morning ladies and gentlemen


We are a local company operating in many areas. The last 24 years we publish

the guide of business in entire prefecture of Trikala in Greece. We have an

enormous database and do not want to lose it. We use the file maker pro 5

and now needs an upgrade, which we cannot do. Please help us in some way.


Regards Pery


Our websites:







Reference number: 161213-000288