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Hello all:


I've reviewed the posts for overtime calcs but none seemed to match the same requirement I have.


Customer is using FM 13.

They have a schedule database that has unique records by Staff and Week of Year. Overtime needs to be calculated both at the daily level and the weekly level. Anytime over 9 hours in a day is 1.5  overtime. Easy. However, if the person has over 40 hours REGULAR time in a week, they get paid 1.5 time for that too. Here's an example:


Monday           9.75 hours

Tuesday          9.75 hours

Wednesday     9.75 hours

Thursday         9.75 hours

Friday              9.75 hours


Total Week:  48.75


So, using the 9 hour rule:


Mon         9 Reg  and 0.75 OT

Tue          9 Reg and  0.75 OT

Wed         9 Reg and 0.75 OT

Thu          9 Reg  and 0.75 OT


at this point the staff person has received 36 of regular time, and 3 hours of OT.

After 40 hours of REGULAR TIME, he/she will get more OT so


Fri            4  Reg   and 5.75 OT


Not sure why my brain is struggling, but not sure how best to calc the weekly OT. Ideas? I have a self join by staff and week of year. The daily OT calcs are easy until I get to the weekly OT.


Thanks in advance for suggestions!