Does Send Mail (SMS) Use WiFi or Cellular

Discussion created by stevestearns on Dec 22, 2016
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When using Send Mail on an iOS device in the field, does FileMaker Go use or default to an available WiFi network or the cellular network? I am using the Send Mail function to connect my SMTP mail server and send text messages (using their mobile telephone email address). Sometimes, the performance is quite good and other times not so good while walking around our complex and I get the spinning icon.


Purpose: We send text messages to notify residents to move their vehicles, based upon location, so snow removal can occur safely and efficiently.


Concern: Our cellular coverage isn't the best and I am out of range of my own WiFi network as we have 11.94± acres of land for the complex. I could remedy this by walking back and standing outside my condo to send the notifications. That is easy enough. Performance inside my condo is perfect and text messages are received within a minute or less.


Other consideration: Using an HTTP Post and a service like Twillio. However, what I don't know is whether this would use a WiFi or cellular connection from an iOS device or utilize the best signal strength. I read an excellent blog post by Jeff England on Twillio and FileMaker 13.