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    why is FMP15 crashing on launch?


      I installed fmp15.0.2 and it crashed during startup. I then realized that I was running an early version of Yosemite and so upgraded to 10.10.5. I restarted but fmp15 crashed again. I wondered if installing under the previous OS was a problem so reinstalled fmp15 but still crashes. This happens whether I try to launch fmp15 by clicking on a file or by launching the application directly. (The database file is on the machine.)


      I am using a MacBookAir6,2.

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          Do you have Plug-Ins installed? I had a similar problem after upgrading to Sierra - the plugin wasn't compatible with Sierra, so FileMaker crashed when I tried to start it. After removing the plugin everything was OK.


          Good luck.



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            do you mean plug-ins for FileMaker? I don't think that I have

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              witkowski wrote:

              I don't think that I have


              Check: FM menu > Preferences > Plugins tab


              Also: log into another account on the same machine and see if FM launches correctly then.  If it does then you have something in your account/profile that is causing the crash.  You can start with repairing permissions through disk utility etc.  The crash report itself may give some clues as to why it crashing.

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                If you have another user account on the MacBook, log in to that account and try launching FileMaker. If you don't have another user account - create one and try it. The user account would help isolate any startup items or menu bar extensions you have that FileMaker doesn't like.


                You may have plugins installed without knowing it. Databases can install them silently. There are multiple places where plugins can be installed - the FileMaker application folder, the Library folder (which there are two of; system level and user level). You may not have direct access to the Library folder on your computer. Apple has hidden access to it by default in the last couple of OS versions. You want:


                ~/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions/


                You can use the Finder's Go To Folder command and paste that line above in.

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                  Thank you both. I checked and there aren't any plugins. However, FileMaker does run when I log in using another account. I'll start trying to isolate the culprit.