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OnObjectKeystroke Trigger Problem in Windows

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by TSGal

We have a client who has a prosthetic arm who needs his new FileMaker system to act similar to a spreadsheet using the arrow keys to navigate between fields and records, which will ease his use of the system


In FMForums someone had kindly created the file downloadable at: that has a script that pretty much does as we need, having tested on a Mac in FMP v15.0.2


However, having since tested in Windows using exactly the same file, if the arrow key is held down, after initially working as expected, suddenly '(' characters start being added to the data in a field using the down arrow,  or '&' the up arrow key, '%' left arrow key and ''' the right arrow key.


We've uploaded a 53 second video, the first 20 seconds showing the file running on the Mac without a problem, then Windows inserting these characters at: Mac Windows Problem on Vimeo


Our system has to run on Windows, the source file download link is above and would appreciate anyone with constructive comments.