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Modify a serial number for different parts of database

Question asked by J_File on Dec 23, 2016
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I want to be able to generate a serial number at a "Customer Enquiry" stage, but then keep that number as it goes through the process all the way through to invoice. There must be an easy way to do this, but can't quite work it out. All I would do is change some prefix before the serial number, and maybe add a suffix as well for multiple records. e.g.


ABC-ENQ-00011  (Enquiry)

ABC-QUO-00011  (Quote)

ABC-JOB-00011-A  (Job Reference A)

ABC-JOB-00011-B  (Job Reference B)

ABC-INV-00011-A  (Invoice for Job A)

ABC-INV-000011-B (Invoice for Job B)


The splitting into A/B etc, may be because an enquiry may lead to multiple Jobs, but still from the same enquiry (and quote).


I was thinking along the lines of generating the initial Enquiry number via the Serial UUID function, concatenate some text at the front. Then somehow use that serial UUID to follow the "Job" through to invoice, using different concatenation options for each stage of the process.


Any help would be most gratefully received.