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    Removing  descriptions


      I setting up a form to type information on a pre-printed page using Filepro 11.  For example, name, age, address, etc.  When I am in layout mode,

      the field that I create has it's name visible inside the box but when I change to BROWSE  mode to create a new record,  the name or title for each field disappears  making it harder to remember what goes where.  I've tried creating a description box with each field but it prints along with the information.  Is there some way that I can have the name of each field show in the browse mode but not be printed?


      Thanks and Merry Christmas,

      Shelby Smith

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          David Moyer


          select an object, in Layout mode, and go to the top of the Data tab in the Inspector - you're looking for "Placeholder text".

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            Since you are using FileMaker Pro 11, Placeholder text is not a built in option.


            But you can place layout text on top of the field and use conditional formatting to hide the text when the field is not empty.


            Not Isempty ( FieldNameHere )


            Chose the "other formatting" option and set the size of the text to be very large 250+ points and it will disappear when there is data in the field.


            Or you can upgrade to Filemaker 15 and use Placeholder Text.

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              Placeholder text is a FMP 14 and later feature. There is no placeholder text in FMP 11.


              Shelby, the best practice is to have a label written as text for each field. Usually labels are place on top or at the left of the field.


              in layout mode, field name appears so the developer can identify the field. Field name disappears in browse mode. FMP 14 and later has a placeholder text feature. It is text that appears when the field is empty. But it is not good practice to use placeholder text instead of labels as placeholder text will disappear when field contains data.





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                Or just set the field labels not to print. The optionis available through the inspector Tools.

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                  Thanks, this worked like a charm.  Now I have another problem.  The info prints leaving the top 1/2 inch off.  It does not print what looks like the FORM mode, it looks like the LIST mode where the info is set up higher on the page.   I  have the  "view as" set to form.  Can you help.

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                    Hmmm! Can be a couple things and it is a bit hard to give a definitive answer without taking a look at the layout. Start by checking if you did not set the objects to slide up when printing. This is also a setting via the inspector, same place where you went before to set the text for not printing. If this does not fix the problem, maybe you can post a screenshot in layout mode with inspector open and one of the fields selected and a second screenshot in preview mode.


                    Another possibility might be the way you set-up the margins in the layout settings.


                    That is what comes to mind right now, but it could be something completely different.


                    Might be a while before I get back to you (Friday night, lol) but if you post it ASAP, someone else might advise you In the meantime. If not, I will surely try and help later.


                    Take care.

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                      Hope you had a good holidays.  I tried your suggestions but can't seem to find the problem.  I have this  layout that printed the first record (James Smith) perfectly.  When I enter a second record (Sam Jones) or third or fourth, it prints the information approximately 1/2" higher on the page.  I'm using the same layout, just new records. How do I post the screen shots you suggested?  They won't paste to this reply.  I've hit a brick wall on this end.  Thanks.

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                        Have you considered NOT using the pre-printed form, and instead re-create the content of the form in the FileMaker layout? Not sure if that's feasible for you, but if it's an option, then you don't have to worry about fields lining up properly on the page. You also wouldn't have to deal with loading the pre-printed form into your printer. Just a thought.

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                          I  already have one ready to go but I have several thousand printed cards that I need to use first.  But the BIG problem is that the information at the top is being moved up too far to print on the page.  About 1/2" higher.   It's like switching the layout information from form view to list view. Same effect.  My first record prints perfect but all after that  print higher.

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                            I would verify that you are indeed printing a form-view report, not a list-view one. And the fact that your first page prints differently than subsequent pages begs the question of whether there is a header or title header in your layout that's only appearing on the first page. If your report uses one of those layout parts, I would delete it and use the "body" part only.

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                              Hi Shelby,


                              Great holidays, Thanks. Hope yours went well, too.


                              Something comes to mind: do you have a layout part defined as "Title header" ?


                              Title header part only appears in the first printed page and replaces the header. So if you have a Title header defined, it makes sense to have the behavior you are describing.


                              As you print on a preprinted stock and you have to control where each field appears, you shouldn't use any other part that is conditional (ie Title header, title footer, summary parts).


                              As I mentioned before, if this does not fix your problem, please post some screenshots on layout and preview mode.


                              You can attach the screenshots to your message by selecting "Use advanced editor" (upper right corner of your message editor) then select "Attach" (lower right corner of the message editor).


                              Take care.



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                                Karim Hanafi wrote:

                                You can attach the screenshots to your message by selecting "Use advanced editor" (upper right corner of your message editor) then select "Attach" (lower right corner of the message editor).

                                One can, but one shouldn't.


                                Add them inline using the 'image' icon in the posting toolbar (also available in the Standard Editor).


                                It's much easier to do remote debugging if you can see the images (or images!) and read the text at the same time.

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