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First-hand experience with IOGEAR  GCS1104 4-Port USB DVI KVMP Switch?

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Dec 23, 2016

Has anyone had any experience using the IOGEAR GCS1104 4-Port USB DVI KVMP Switch to share a PC keyboard, monitor, and a Wacom Bamboo tablet with a Mac mini? Any issues?


I am particularly concerned about how the Mac would function with the PC keyboard and if I need to install the Wacom Mac driver on the Mac (or will it even work at all.) I plan on using DVI-to-HDMI cables for the video connections.


BTW - I will be replacing my existing Mac mini with the newest model and giving the old one (along with the old keyboard, mouse and monitor) to my grandniece. She's not yet two years old, but she uses my niece's iPad and iPod pretty adroitly (mainly to find videos of kids and pets on youtube). Does anyone know of a child-friendly web browser that would give her parents complete control over what she can have access to? I am familiar with several for the PC that can only navigate to pre-approved safe and age-appropriate sites. (Though, I have to admit, it still boggles my mind that kids this young are using computers all ready.)