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    Text formatting


      I have a table in a word processor. I'd intended to convert to a spreadsheet then import into an FM table. The problem I have is any numbering or bulleting is lost. I realise there it may not be a way to transfer this formatting directly to FM, but I'd be interested if there is. However, can you efficiently format text field with numbering, bulleting and text alignment?

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          FileMaker is not a word processor. It does not have the same built in text formatting tools.


          You may be able to copy and paste the text into FileMaker. And use the inspector to set tab stops and indents.

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            If I copy "numbered" text from wordpad

            (numbers are "formatting", so not selected by "select all" menu)

            past it in FM, it looks numbered.

            but the result is not "formatted with numbering", all characters are "text data" containing numbers.


            In MS Office, you can copy Word table into Excel direct. What is your word processor?

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              Thanks both.


              I've used Writer and copied to Calc this keeps the correct rows (records). Copying Word to Excel keeps more of the formatting (eg. cross-reference number but not actual numbering or bullets) but completely messes up rows/records. However, if you copy Writer to Word then to Calc you keep the correct rows/records & cross-reference numbering.


              Because you lose so much formatting you need to think in advance of what will 'survive' transfer. Because sequential numbering/bulleting of points can be important you might want to put them into v. narrow, columns, separate from the text. With a Word processor you may have aligned text along rows with 'hard' returns. This alignment would be lost using the separate columns for numbering/bullets. Instead you'd have to have separate rows. The latter means you'd need to relate the sub-points with the main point in FM.


              But if anyone's got better ideas, please say.

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                David Moyer


                it's difficult to answer without knowing why you want to move this document into a database tool.  Please elaborate on how you'd use FM to work with this data (besides formatting it).

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                  This isn't a direct response to your question, but it is perhaps something you might want to consider before performing the conversion. If you think of a standard outline format, it often looks like this (and forgive me, al-Khwarizmi, for using Roman numerals, which I loathe, but they're traditional):

                  I. Color

                       A. Pure

                            1. red

                            2. blue

                            3. green

                       B. Tints

                            1. pink

                            2. aqua

                            3. mint

                  II. Shape

                       A. Straight lines

                            1. convex

                                 a. square

                                 b. rectangle

                                 c. triangle

                                 d. pentagon

                            2. concave

                                 a. star

                                 b. cross

                       B. Curved lines

                            1. circle

                            2. oval

                            3. teardrop

                  III. Size

                       A. Mass

                            1. Under 1 g

                            2. 1-10 g

                            3. 10-100 g

                            4. 100-1000 g

                            5. Over 1 kg

                       B. Volume

                            1. ....


                  For versatility over the long haul, you might want to consider using 4 related tables for the 4 different layers of the outline, similar to this structure that I've employed for taxonomic classification of biological specimens:




                  This lends itself to neatly formatted output in FileMaker Pro, because the higher levels can be displayed as sub-summaries appearing above the lower levels.

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                    tays01s wrote:


                    I have a table in a word processor.


                    Stopped reading here.


                    If your destination is a database, the data should be born in the f'ing database, not in a "word processor".



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                      Has macOS 13 been leaked?

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                        Please take off your hat whenever WordPerfect's relic is displayed to the public, point your eyes to your shoes and murmur an almost silent "amen" while the coffin slowly returns to its location.



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                          I may consider that.


                          In the meantime: Frohe Weihnachten!

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                            Apologies for the delay; no email.


                            Thanks Richard,

                            I'd already pondered splitting the data into separate tables.


                            Siplus: No-one can predict all changes in needs, and it's quite useful in itself to have the data in a Wordprocessor as well.

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                              That was quite inappropriate for a comment, siplus . You can state that you would never do such a thing, but your post should be edited for language.

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                                Thanks Beverly,

                                I should have said something myself. While I’m an FM ‘duffer’, in my ‘day job’, some crazy things get done in healthcare. And I do think some colourful things……..but best not to say them. It rarely helps people improve.


                                If you get any problems for having the courage to bring this up, let me know and I’ll make a public statement to back you up.


                                Thanks again,


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                                  Never mind the the close minded who think you have to use FileMaker in a specific way. I have build a solution with hundreds of thousands of data entries that were not 'born' in FileMaker but where 'born' in Word documents and Excel documents.


                                  One of my solution has over 2000 conditional relationships which are maintained in InDesign because it's so much easier to keep a clear overview.


                                  If everyone would have restrictive opinions about how a specific computer software needs to be used we'd all be stuck in a DOS and Word Perfect world. Evolution is about breaking the rules and finding new and creative ways that go beyond the obvious. My software serves me - not the other way around and I enjoy f'ing around with it in unintended ways. That is what creativity is all about.

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                                    I often tell my friends that I love database design because it exercises both halves of my brain: the orderly, logical, linear, structured, organized part (with the structures and processes) as well as the creative, colorful, flamboyant, humorous, idiosyncratic part (with the layouts, custom dialogs, etc.).

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