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    Sliding Object in Portal Rows

      I have a portal that a lot of button with hiding object option. When these buttons are hidden but space is remain. I want to remove space area between shown buttons. Is there anyone that has a idea?

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          Maybe use another pre-formatted portal. Switching between portals is one way, but they do not adjust spaces row by row. I use a slider widget to show the same portal with different views.


          In Layout mode it is also easier using sliders or tabbed panels to "hide" controls even in Layout because showing/hiding controls at the same location in the same layout (if designed so) are then not sitting on top of each-other making it hard to work with them.


          Another sliding of objects for printing defined in the Inspector is only rendered when printing or in Preview mode, but not in a portal and nowhere in Layout or Browse mode.

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            One option is to place the buttons outside of the portal and use a selection mechanism with a $$variable, where you can also make the button display dependent on a non-empty selection list.


            That approach will take one additional click for single-record selections, but allows you to batch-process multi-record selections.