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    Include Edit Record Toolbar - what does "include" mean?


      This is a misleading instruction in the HELP file, and even more misleading in FileMaker Pro:


      Include Edit Record Toolbar turns the FileMaker Go editing toolbar on or off.



      Does it mean that you are including the toolbar in the requested hide or show action, which is to say, if you are hiding the status toolbar, then you want to "include" hiding the status toolbar in your scripted action, and conversely, if you are showing the status toolbar then you also want to "include" the status toolbar in your action that shows the toolbar and also shows the edit record toolbar?


      Or does include mean show and not include mean hide?


      I don't know why it can't say "Also Hide"  or "Also Show" depending on your chosen option.   Include is simply a poor grammatical choice of words.   Or it could simply have the option "on-off" beside "Edit Record Toolbar".  

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          Thank you for your post.


          Your initial assumption is correct.  When you Hide the Toolbar, you also have the option to include the Record Toolbar.


          I recommend posting your suggestion ("Also Hide" or "Also Show") to the Product Ideas board at:

          Product Ideas


          The Product Ideas board is monitored by Product Management and Development where all ideas are read, discussed and considered for possible implementation in a future release.



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            I confess I still don't get it.   You say that when you hide the toolbar, you also have the option to include the Edit Record Toolbar.   That much is clear to me from what I see in the UI.


            My question is:  if I choose "include", am I including the Edit Record Toolbar in the Hide/Show action chosen in the "parent" action, or am I choosing to hide/show the Edit Record Toolbar independent of the Hide/Show action.


            I've tried it both ways with a script I've written to test the behavior and I still can't make sense of it.  I would not hesitate to submit something as a feature suggestion if I am certain that it's more than just a matter of my learning something that is more obvious to other developers.

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              Only when you hide the Toolbar do you get the option to also include the Record Toolbar.  If you show the Toolbar, the Record Toolbar will always appear.



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                Well, that is helpful --- at least a little bit.


                I see the option for the Edit Record Toolbar regardless which option is chosen for hide or show.   So I will try to remember what you say.


                Also, another FBA member told me that it only applies to iOS.  I have not yet tried that on an iPad solution to see if he's right but I did check the compatibility tool in Script Workspace and don't see any difference in the script step when I select iOS.   Is this another misunderstanding on my part?

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                  Happy New Year, Dennis.


                  I would not say it's a "misunderstanding" on your part. I would say rather

                  that this particular script step is badly, um, what's the word? — badly



                  I don't care enough to research the history but I'd bet that "Show/Hide

                  Toolbars" goes back well before FileMaker Go appeared. When Go did appear,

                  they tacked on the "Include Edit Record Toolbar" option without thinking

                  too hard about it. NOTE that the little description of the script step in

                  the lower right corner of the script workspace does say:


                  "Shows or hides the FileMaker Pro status toolbar *and the FileMaker Go

                  toolbar and editing toolbar*."


                  I agree with you that it's confusing but I'm not sure how they should "fix"



                  As far as the "view compatibility" option goes, it would be ideal if the

                  "include edit record toolbar" option were grayed out when you have checked

                  ONLY "iOS" compatibility. But I suspect that would be very difficult for

                  the programmers. Don't recall anything like that elsewhere.


                  And it makes sense for there to be a single "Show/Hide Toolbars" step.

                  Don't want to have to do an if/then statement testing for the OS to figure

                  out whether to use "Show/Hide FileMaker Pro Toolbar" or "Show/Hide

                  FileMaker Go Toolbar". But of course Go has this extra UI element — the

                  "editing toolbar" — and it's reasonable to think that developers might

                  sometimes want to hide it, too, and at other times might not want to.


                  I guess what they could do is simply relabel that option so it reads

                  "Include Edit Record Toolbar in FileMaker Go". Not sure whether that would

                  be too long to fit into the dialog but it would solve the problem you and I

                  see, don't you think?


                  And I don't agree that the effect of "include" is ambiguous or unclear. The

                  primary command is "Show/Hide Toolbars". "Include whatever" is a parameter.

                  To me it pretty clearly means, "include the edit toolbar in the action of

                  showing or hiding, that is, if you're showing the toolbar, then show the

                  edit toolbar too; if you're hiding toolbar, hide edit toolbar as well."




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