Include Edit Record Toolbar - what does "include" mean?

Discussion created by dburnham on Dec 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by William-Porter

This is a misleading instruction in the HELP file, and even more misleading in FileMaker Pro:


Include Edit Record Toolbar turns the FileMaker Go editing toolbar on or off.



Does it mean that you are including the toolbar in the requested hide or show action, which is to say, if you are hiding the status toolbar, then you want to "include" hiding the status toolbar in your scripted action, and conversely, if you are showing the status toolbar then you also want to "include" the status toolbar in your action that shows the toolbar and also shows the edit record toolbar?


Or does include mean show and not include mean hide?


I don't know why it can't say "Also Hide"  or "Also Show" depending on your chosen option.   Include is simply a poor grammatical choice of words.   Or it could simply have the option "on-off" beside "Edit Record Toolbar".