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Live Switching between ODBC External DSN?

Question asked by SMGreenfield on Dec 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by jormond

I have a mysql database up on Amazon AWS, and am using FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced as a front end to manage the mysql database.  It has been HEAVEN to use FileMaker in this way!  Very rapid development, and nice-looking UI.  I'm using the Actual Technologies ODBC drivers on the FMP 15 server to make the AWS mysql connection.


So I've set up a "sandbox" database for testing, at a completely different IP address.  I have set up two different External Data Source DSNs on the FMP 15 server. 


It appears that since the database schema is exactly the same between the sandbox and the production mysql databases, switching between two different DSNs will map to the FMP shadow database fields without my having to somehow re-specify new relationships.


MY QUESTION: is there ANY WAY TO switch between the DSNs programmatically (via script)?  The Edit Data Source DSN field has a "specify" button, but it can't be populated via a calculation.


NOTE: obviously, I could have two different COPIES of my FMP 15 database, each which pointed to a different External Data Source.  But I'm trying to avoid that.


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