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    Mac mini question


      B&H in NYC is selling a Mac mini for $50 less than the Apple Store. They say it's a "late 2014" model. Is this the most recent, or are they simply selling older models at a discount? Thanks.

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          It is "current" if you believe wikipedia.

          Mac Mini - Wikipedia

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            Markus Schneider

            there was no new Mini after that one. New Mini's susposed to appear in 2017, according to Tim Cook

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              Benjamin Fehr

              New Mini's susposed to appear in 2017, according to Tim Cook

              Not sure at all. Some took his statement as a hint to new iMac's.

              (you know, the one I'ld expect to come with a new Apple Keyboard-with-TouchBar)

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                If you need one, buy it now.


                If you can wait a year, you can wait.

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                  Newer Apple machines aren't always necessarily "better" than the prior generation, depending on what you need in a machine. For example, I can easily upgrade the storage in my 2010 MacBook Pro but I can't in the one I bought in 2015.


                  As another example, I have a quad core i7 Mac Mini from 2011 (?) but I don't think they've made a quad core Mac Mini since.


                  You can drive yourself to distraction trying to figure out if you should buy now or wait for the next generation. The best advice I ever read is: the best time to buy a computer is when you need it.


                  In the meantime, here's an app I've found indispensable for keeping tabs on my Macs: Mactracker.

                  The latest release also includes up-to-date resell pricing info.

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                    Markus Schneider

                    Yes.. the 2012 Mini benchmaks with about 10'600, was a quad-core. The current Mini (late 2014) with 6'700 (MacTracker)


                    That said, the 2014 Mini ist not slow, but the 2012 was in the range of the little Pro...


                    If one want's to get a new touch-MacBook, there is not much speed-gain - if one has a 2013 13" Macbook, the best would be to get a new 15" - that one will bring the speed back of the 2012 Mini...

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                      Markus Schneider

                      (to B. Fehr)

                      Yes.. just guessing. The iMac got some minor refinements, Mini and Pro are 'old'..


                      btw. This jive is (from the point of view of an iPad user) no software, it's -peep-. No way to reply to a specific posting when coming via in-box, no way to edit paragraphs, styles after pasting, no way to edit the own posting at all (via in-box)

                      terrible, sigh.

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                        being on a FM forum, the one info I'm missing is "are you going to deploy it as a server or as a client ?"

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                          That is the last year Apple released a new mini. You can still buy them new, and we've found them fantastic both as workstations (FMP) and as servers (FMS). You can custom order one from Apple as a 3.0 GHz Dual-Core i7, 16GB RAM, and up to 1TB SSD. We've found that the 256GB SSD and 16GB RAM is overkill based on the stats being reported from FMS. Most of the time our mini FMS units just sit and wait for requests. Plugged into a GB Ethernet, unless you're pushing tons of data, I don't think you can go wrong with the mini. As siplus queried - how will this be used?

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                            It's the latest there is.  If you can, put an SSD in it, it's worth the cash.  Ours works great as a FMS as well.

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                              Not going to be using it as a server. I work primarily in Windows, but have pretty much always had one Mac -- initially, just to test for issues between the Mac & PC versions of solutions, though I never found any that were serious enough to worry about. My last Mac was a mini that became unusable for development when FMP upped its system requirements. I don't remember the year it was made (it has an optical drive), but the second half of that year was compatible and mine was not.


                              I was thinking of buying a new mini because I decided not to upgrade my main development PC to Windows 10. I'm seriously thinking of moving to UNIX when they stop supporting Windows 7. But, for FMP, I was thinking the best version of UNIX would be OSX and it's available right now. So, that, and the fact that I have to spend more money on business expenses before the end of the year, is what's driving me.


                              Now that I know what the situation is with the mini, it's sounding like a bad investment. I'm considering going with one of the smallest laptops, or putting the money into something else entirely.

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                                Benjamin Fehr

                                You can have it all. Not sure if I can convince you since you're a "PC-Guy".

                                I'm running a Mac as my main system with Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine. This allows me to run all Windows OS' (currently Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10) and I could even install Ubuntu OR other Unix OS.

                                I don't even need to copy/paste FM-Files from Mac to PC or vice-versa since with Parallels VM I can open files from the Mac partition in all the Windows OS'!

                                … but I assume you wanna stay with PC hardware.

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                                  Unfortunately, no matter how many green LEDs your steroided hardware setup turns on, on Windows some of that muscle will be always and forever dedicated to check for malware and viruses and scan the 'Net for updates to your "line of duty".

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                                    Totally agree with Benjamin.   Running the latest version of parallels is the answer for all your Windows problems.  


                                    In that case I would recommend a SSD and 16GB of RAM.    I use my Mac Mini for video and audio editing, as well as a server.  Nothing fazes it and it 4+ years old.

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