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Help required for a simple relational database design in FileMaker

Question asked by rahmans on Dec 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by siplus

Thank you for reading my help request.


I'm new to databases and hence I have done a few courses in FileMaker and find it the best for creating the database I need. I'm having issues with the relationship aspects of creating my database.


I need your help to create the relationships for my database that will store information about train stations.


Please see the attached table list and give me some ideas.


Table information


Client - The client can have multiple stations


Stations - The stations table should hold records of many stations


StationDevice - This is the link table for Stations and Devices


Devices - Each station can have zero to many devices. I need to create a drop down list of the different type of devices. This should include a field to state which devices are active and which are inactive. There should be notes field where we can enter information as to why a device is inactive etc.


Device Config Information - This table should hold all the device configuration information for all the devices


Server Information - Each station can have one or more servers that they are connected to locally as well as remote servers



What I want to achieve from this database is to be able to enter all the station information, devices information, device config information and server information so that I can pull up records for devices as and when we need it. To print reports of what devices we have at one or more or all the stations and find out which devices are active and which are inactive. If a device is inactive then there should be a field to enter information as to why this device was made inactive. Sometime, we remove devices on a temp basis and then reinstate the devices etc.


I know my questions may seem odd but I'm really struggling with getting the relationships right.


Your help will be greatly received. I thank you all in advance.