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Bento to FileMaker 15 data conversion

Question asked by toshi_takayanagi on Dec 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by toshi_takayanagi

I have seen similar question, but I would like to convert Bento (4.1.2) data to FileMaker (Pro 15 Advanced), as I heard that Bento is no more supported. My MacOS is 10.12.1 Sierra. I searched internet and tried FileMaker migration tool (Migrating from Bento to FileMaker Pro - Overview | FileMaker) but it appears that the migration tool only works on the earlier version of MacOS, so I seem to be stuck. My data base include several images, so exporting to excel file or text file does not seem to work well neither. Checking this forum, it looks someone in FileMaker has been converting the Bento database for the people who had similar problem. Could I get similar help, please?