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Discussion created by Magnus Fransson on Dec 27, 2016
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Hi all, and a happy new year!


As I'm sitting here thinking, I’m writing this to you, in hope that maybe there are something outside my "box of thinking" that would be of assistance.


I have a (working) solution for sending out price lists via e-mail. Now that should be expanded to be able to use FTP. My thoughts revolve around the user interface. For the FTP to work, the URL has to be correct. To simply test and warn is easy. What has me thinking is whether I should assist the user in that way that I alter the URL for them. And if so how far should I go?

And what I'm spending most thought effort on is. How do I ensure that I cover all possibilities?


There is a popup menu with four choices:

1 = E-mail (Attachment)

2 = FTP (Plain)


4 = FTPS (FTP over SSH, with TLS and SSL)


And one address/URL field.


The difficulties arise when there already is a valid combination of popup choice and address/URL, and the user decides to change the selection from... let's say FTPS (4) to FTP (2). You should not just insert "ftp://" in front of "ftps://". And there are 11 more changes that can be made. And there is the possibility that there are only a partial address or some other "garbage" in the field. And when a choice has been made, and the user is manually editing the address/URL, what changes do we need to do then?


The more I'm thinking on it, the more I believe I should stay with "test and warn".


With best regards Magnus Fransson.