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Question asked by Daveo on Dec 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2016 by David Moyer

Hi All

I am new to FMP

I have  3 tables  one is called  "Quote_Detail" in this  I have  a portal which is called "Budget"


I would like to preload  the portal with a list of budgets names (pk) from the table called "Budget codes"

in this table I have a field called default_load  which has a check box Value list of 1 .

I am trying to copy the ones that have  a value of 1 in the  default_load field   to the budget table

I only need to copy  the Pk number  to the Fk in the budget table .

This is to happen when I add  a new quote

How do i do this  please I have no idea ???