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Export Columnar Data to Excel

Question asked by SethRedlus on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by SethRedlus

Hopefully I can make sense of this request. I have a database with essentially 3 tables:

1) People

2) Questions

3) Answers


The people table stores information about people who use the system.

The Questions table is a list of questions to be asked of these people

The Answers table is columnar data responses to the questions.


For Example:

The Questions Table contains:

1. What is your favorite color

2. What is your favorite animal.

3. What is your favorite city.


The Answers table contains:

13New York


What I'm looking to do is to export the data from the database (either CSV or Excel) so that my rows are the people, but I want to columns to be the answers to their questions, i.e.

Question ID 1
Question ID 2
Question ID 3
1BlueDogNew York


My mind is a little fried lately, but I'm not sure how best to accomplish this. Since the answers table is columnar, it's possible to have a hole - like if someone doesn't answer Question 2, then the value would be blank. Anyone know a good way to output the data like this?