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    Probems with Filemaker 14 performance


      I've updated from 13 to 14 - server and pro. I get a lot of spinning problems when searching or opening layouts. I had no problems with 13. What has changed?

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          is this on Mac or PC?

          are you running the 64 bit installation if on Windows

          - do your computer specs match the 14 requirements?


          i would download the free trial for FMP15 and check how it "feels" there ..


          what version of 14 are you running?

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            PC. 32 bit because I have a php plug in that won't run on 64 bit. I have updated to 14.06. It's just weird because things that work fine - scripts, finds - in 13 are locking up in 14. I'll try 15 to see if that helps.

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              apparently we had many issues with 14 and moved back to 13 - now on 15 some things have been fixed - new other bugs appeared - i would try with the 15 Trial and see how it behaves. I would also try to narrow down the issues where it might needs work arounds if possible.


              one workaround was that on 14 just applying a second Find in a script by copying the script step fixed the issue - an issue that the index seamed not to be present if connecting with 13 and always being well performed...

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                It should not be the case, but I'd still check out the theme used on the spinning layouts. Is it "classic" ?


                Also worth mentioning:  Filemaker Server 15's TopCall Stats (with collect interval set to 1 s) has changed my developer life. I'm really serious about this claim. It has helped me solve TONS of problems, it's really incredible what I can do with this feature and what I learned about our solutions by using it.


                (one of the many things I've learned is that the Minimalist theme weighs 71kB, but that's another story...)

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                  Markus Schneider

                  - is it always slow or just with some layouts?


                  - check the network

                  - themes doesn't count on LAN (You're on LAN or on a slow 3G?), there, it's milliseconds (normally)

                  - check the server Stat's and log's

                  - since it was running fast under FM/FMS13, the structure should not make that difference...

                  - maybe a deinstallation and new installation could help

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                    I tested Filemaker 15 and still had funkiness. I haven't had time to research further but will keep working on it. I'm wondering if 64 bit works better than 32 bit. Anyone had experience with that.


                    All  my layouts are old - classic theme.

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                      Get filemaker server 15.


                      Another pearl I found today, thanks to topCallStats:


                      at the top of the list were lots of queries done on Field 100 of Table 200. Using FMPerception I saw that Field 100 was a a stored Calc defined as = 1.

                      I aslo found out it was only referenced in 3 relationships, nothing else - no scripts or other calcs touching it.


                      At first I thought I should turn Field 100 into a autocalc number with value 1, but with 45 users hitting the databases I was not very fond of the idea. Still, it puzzled me, why Query on a stored gives that much trouble ?


                      Turns out there was a stupid value list defined as (related records only) based upon that 1. Note that all 400'000 records have 1 in that field... I disabled the related records thingie and the list started to appear instantly instead of 10 seconds delay, at the same time the query entry disappeared completely from TopCallStats. Obviously the value list displays the same values it did previously.

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                        Thats very cool...  We are working on a new Top Call Stats featured for FMPerception.  ( I think Dave already reached out to you ).  It'll make this kind of sleuthing even easier :-)



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                          Yes, Dave knows my every move, when it matters.


                          Lately I've been terminated by feature requests, phone calls and mails, many of them simply connected to the "OMG 2017 is here" problem. But these last days I managed to give valid answers to the question "what's up with me being around in my own life".


                          I can't wait for increased interaction and step reduction between TCS and FMPerception.

                          You might as well consider importing the log, as reducing the avail RAM to a few MB and still work seems to be something you guys really go dance and party with

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                            I think you'll be very happy :-)