Deskspace Web-Builder v3.1 is now available for FREE download.

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Deskspace Web-Builder - a FileMaker App built with the DeskspaceCMS architecture is now available for free download from


This App is available as a 71 mb RunTime FileMaker solution or as a 7 mb FileMaker .fmp12 file.


It enables anyone to build exceptional fast, mobile friendly web sites, by merely typing their content into a FileMaker field, the App does the rest.


This is a very big step forward for anyone wanting to create super fast responsive sites for themselves or their clients. These sites are faster than any other responsive / mobile friendly sites on the web, period.


The free download will create a small site on which is initially free, and thereafter 10 cents a month.


There is licensing for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Pro - full details here:


Our licensing options include discounted rates for Not for Profits and Education.


Platinum provides a dedicated virtual web server and email etc.


Pro enables a professional whom we approve to create an unlimited number of web sites and has access to the CSS which enables them to make their own changes to the core web page designs. This product is designed to provide professionals with a powerful and profitable tool. We can create a great fast mobile friendly web-site from a client's existing site in just a few hours, it takes from 2 - 4 hours to design, create and upload an average 10 page site.


From startup of the download you can have your first site up, on the web, in 5 minutes.


There are some movies on our YouTube channel here: Deskspace CMS v3 - the fastest Website Builder - YouTube


Find out more here on and / or contact @NickLightbody.


We are very happy to discuss how we designed and developed this App, how we do the in-App License purchase etc and to share our technical insight.


Cheers, Nick