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Playing Audio files in FM Go whilst streaming

Question asked by Storganise on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by Storganise

HI All,


I'm trying to create a Spotify-esque database for a musician so he can listen to his recordings that I am cataloguing. They are all unpublished, so cannot be put on Soundcloud or any of the main music places due to copyright etc...


Utilising containers I can make this work well on my laptop, but as soon as it starts getting hosted the problems occur... We are all used to clicking on a file and it streaming while we are listening to it. Filemaker seems to want to download the whole file before starting to play it. This is not an acceptable situation when it can take approx 1 minute per track to download.


I have tried SuperContainer but this doesn't seem to make the problem go away (although I'll admit to having mostly given up trying it as it seemed so terribly un-intuitive to set up), and also 24U's SimpleSound plug in (this does work well and fixes the problem, but doesn't work on FM Go as it is a plug-in, and I am designing this for my man's iPad)


Does anyone out there know how I can go about getting the MP3 to play as it is streaming in FM Go?


Many thanks