Simple Calculation Troubles

Discussion created by tleitzke on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by philmodjunk

I am having some simple (appears) calculations problems. I am building a inventory system for (mainly) ordering products. We have 2 sellers we go through, and situations change which one we need to buy through- so I have 2 fields for price on every products.


My relationships run as follows



Invoice::ID = InvoicePart:InvoicePartID [Allowed Creations]

InvoicePart::ProductID = Products:: Products ID [Used for LookUp]


In InvoicePart(which I use for storing the product ID and invoice ID with amount needed) I have a base total cost(InvoicePrice::Distributor1Cost) for both distributors calculated from (exactly) [ Products::Distributor1Price * amount needed] - which gives a blank slot. Then I have [ Sum(Invoice::TotalDistributor1Price)]. The sum is obviously not going to work, as InvoicePart::Distributor1Cost comes out as blanks.






Not sure what I did, but it shows up now as just "$1.00" for all of them despite updating "InvoicePart::AmountNeeded"