Problem sending E-mail as PDF with Outlook

Discussion created by nielsdebie on Dec 29, 2016
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I have a problem with a customer that when he sends a pdf from FileMaker 15 to Outlook 2016. (Both versions are 32-bit).

1. I create a PDF with FileMaker in a folder on the desktop

2. When the file is created, FileMaker opens Outlook and fills in the predefined fields (To, Subject, Text,...) and
    the PDF is added to the Outlook


The problem is that when Outlook opens the e-mail it will work well for +- 5 times and the other times the FileMaker 'Hangs' and it takes a long time (30sec. till 2min) until the E-mail pops open with the PDF as attachment. It has nothing to do with specific records or a specific computer, because I can try to create the e-mail 5 times on the same record but sometimes it goes well and sometimes it hangs. The same on a different PC.

Is this a problem with the Office 2016 or something else?


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