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    Can't find local table


      I have a database that accesses a local table which I rarely use directly--created it eons ago. Now I want to add information to that table and I can't find it: it's not one of the layouts but its source is <current file>. I can add those fields to a current layout but can't use them. It's obviously an existing table somewhere because it keeps supplying data. Where oh where can this table be? (Although I used external data sources frequently and have linked them, I rarely link tables in the same data source, so this just has me stumped.) Is there any way to trace the location of the table? How can the database access it if I can't find it? Have attached a screen shot of the relationship: the missing table is "outsource". Any advice? This feels pretty dumb but I've looked everywhere.

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          Removing a layout does not remove the underlying table. It merely cuts off your access to it, as you've discovered.


          Create a new layout based on that table to restore your ability to edit / update.

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            The tooltip states that the source table name is Outsource - and if it comes from <current file>, then you should see "Outsource" listed in Manage Database > tab Tables.

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              The table is definitely still there. I think the OP is having issues with accessing the data in it; there’s some confusing of layout with table.

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                Thank you both for responding. I took the easy way out, suggested by Mike, rather than spend more time trying to figure out if, at some point, I did actually delete the layout, which certainly seems to be the case. And you're correct: I am a bit muddled as to how data can be retained if all occurrences of the fields containing that data have been removed. (The data shows up in other fields doing a lookup referencing those ghost fields.) At any rate, I took Mike's suggestion and created a new layout using the fields referenced.

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                  FileMaker exists in layers. They are, approximately in ascending order:


                  Custom Functions

                  Tables & Fields (Manage Database, corresponding tabs)

                  Table Occurrences (Manage Database, Relationships Graph)


                  Layout objects (including fields)



                  FileMaker's use of the term "table" to refer both to a table (layer 2) and a table occurrence (layer 3) can be a little confusing, as can their use of the term "field" to refer both to a field in a table (layer 2) and a field on a layout (layer 5). But if you think of the layout as a blanket that lays over the top of a table occurrence, you can see that removing the blanket doesn't affect the bed underneath.


                  I can add or remove as many field objects from a layout as I like without affecting the underlying structure. Regardless of what I do to any layout, I do not affect the data that are stored in the database, nor do I affect any of the table occurrences that sit on top of the tables themselves.