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Question asked by zeptosolutions on Dec 29, 2016
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Hello FM Community,

Thank you so much for all your assistance over the past few months, reading through various hints and suggestions allowing me to develop some great products.  Now I have a specific problem I cannot seem to find a solution to anywhere.  Please accept my apologies if this is topic is located in the wrong place.


Here's the issue:  I would like to combine a count data of two separate fields, and graph them into a chart.  We have a FM solution that counts customers coming through the door and clocks the time, date, etc.  I would like to produce a visual showing the correlation between days of the week (one field) and hour of the day (second field).  Thus we could compare the high traffic days as well as hours, together.  We have this separately in individual charts, but would like to combine the charts.  This information is easy to produce in Excel, so I must be missing something very elementary within FM.  (See attached screen shot)


Another idea on how to graphically display this information is also welcome.  I'd just rather make my new solution results ! within FM, instead of exporting data to Excel.


Thank you in advance for your assistance,



Zepto Solutions, INC