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    Supercontainer and FileMaker 15


      I'm trying to see if anyone else is having an issue saving multiple files in supercontainer since they upgraded to FileMaker 15.


      We have had 360 works super container for years and it has work flawlessly up until now. If you upload a single image, it works fine. However, if I try to upload a folder of items, it crashes (or gives me the spinning ball of death) on the following line of code.


      Set Field [ Prefs::gpluginCall ‘ SCSetContainer( Document::cDocumentURL; $CurrFile) ]


      The variable Currently file is the file path.

      If I downgrade back to FileMaker 14 Pro Advanced (FileMaker 14 Pro for all of the other users) it works absolutely fine but as soon as you upgrade back to FileMaker 15, it crashes.

      Do you know of any compatibility issues with the SCSetContainer in Filmmaker 15?

      We are also getting errors with renaming a document after it has been uploaded but it works fine in 14 as well.


      Running FileMaker Pro Advanced 15.0.220 (Same issue happens on FileMaker 15 Pro)

      Running Sierra 10.12.2

      FileMaker Server is running FileMaker 15 Server (even after you downgrade back to FM 14)

      FileMaker Server is currently on El Capitan (10.11.6) in case Sierra messed up things more.

      Server has Java 8 update 111 build 14

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          We do all of our uploading to SC via the 360Works SC_Companion_Plugin.fmp12, which has a version of: 2.864. It has worked with Version of FMP 15 and FMPA 15 under OS X 11.6. We navigate the companion so that it works on a folder of jpg images, transferring these to the Shared directory on the server running FMS V15.


          Is your version of the plugin current? That's one reason that I can think of which might cause the issues you describe. Another could be the version of Java.


          360Works would respond if you posted to their support area on FMForums.



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            Yes our plugin is recent and even more recent than what you have listed above.

            I just downloaded the updates for the Filemaker server and java but that did not correct the issue either.

            I sent 360 works and email and posted in their forums and no one has responded.

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              Hi Traci,


              Since replying earlier, we do have one issue which may resemble yours:

              We access each .jpg image from the SC folder for uploading to our web site with the script encoding it as Base64.

              Even tho' we have an AppleScript step to load the remote file from the server, there are occasions when the image is not retrieved and the Base64 encoding function fails.

              Our work around is to disconnect from the server then reconnect, indicating that there's been some form of disconnection, resulting in the file path variable having lost its ability to load the path.

              We've only seen this behaviour with V15 and it's been too intermittent to test for the same behaviour with V14.


              I suspect this is perhaps a byproduct of FMS 15 being more insistent on maintaining its "proper" connection to each client, but didn't expect it to mess with the imagemac: function which is necessarily resulting in an unstored calc.


              I'm confident you'll get some response from 360Works in due course.





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                For anyone else having this issue, I found a resolution.

                I contacted 360 works and they had me add "showprogress=false" at the end of the code block for SCSetContainer.

                Set Field [ Prefs::gpluginCall ‘ SCSetContainer( Document::cDocumentURL; $CurrFile; "showProgress=false") ]


                By adding that to my code, it went from the spinning ball of death to loading 4 pictures in a minute. However, when you uploaded the same images in 14, it only took 5 seconds. So I found where there is a new place to have the plugins in the extension folder. We had our extensions in the legacy location of Applications> Filemaker 15> extensions. I put the supercontainer plugin in >users> library> application support> filemaker> filemaker pro advanced> 15> extensions. Once I did this, the images loaded in 5 seconds. I tried to remove the showProgress part of the code after putting it in the extension's folder but it went back to never loading again. Everything works as long as that part of the code is there though.