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Images Conversion Before Being Stored.

Question asked by jbiquez on Dec 29, 2016
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Hello all.

A prospect of clients has the need to handle several images a month. He manages around 5-6 hundred images a month that people capture with camera phones, normal cameras. Some other have the images in PDF documents or GIF format. Actually they are storing the images in a container internally and even when they do not have problems the database is growing a lot since most of the users do not optimize the images in any way, some , very few, do it but others just do not care.

The request is that they could receive any format (could be restricted) and convert the image from JPG,TIF,GIF,PDF to only one format that would be stored externally. I mean in the container field externally.

I ask for you advice on the following:

- Whats the best and cheapest way to do this. ? The conversion of the image that could be came in different formats to only one. The idea is that the final user opens a layout, insert the image in one container and "a process" convert the image to the final format and store it externally.
What's the best path to follow?. Plug in? External routines? FM V15 could handle this? (I am almost sure not possible actually).

The following question is of course related to the above one:

- What is the best final format to choose. PDF, JPG, GIF (I guess those are the best in size and compatibility. My first guess is to have it the final one in PDF so all devices could read it and print it if need it. Asking with another consultant he told me that he would choose JPG for the size optimized.

- Client has actually 20 users and only 10 of them need to do the conversion of the images, the others will use any format since they will be reading the image only as a support document of the transaction. In the near future (3 -6 months) they believe they will grow to 100 users accesing the solution on the server and only 20, maximum, will need to do the conversion.

Until now those are the initial requirements and until now the images will be handle separated and consulted only by the application, until now they have not talked about include the images in other documents. So it could be handle separately in any format.

I hope you could share your advice on what you consider is the best way to do it. Price of the plug in is an issue (if the nly way to do it is with one plugin).

Thanks you very much in advance for your time and help.


-- LSCA. Jorge Enrique Biquez Alvarez IT Consultant