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how to access old record data prior to commit new data. SQL record query seems to return new values even before commit

Question asked by user28351 on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by siplus

Trying to easily access the old record data prior to committing new data. I know i can store all the old data by programmatically storing every bit of the old record in variable/s before committing the new data but this is very labor intensive and  surely this cant be the only way of getting at the old data. Other systems have the concept of record buffers to allow this functionality. I've  tried using ExecuteSQL to re-read a record prior to committing the new data but this returns the new data contrary to other blog posts that indicate that ExecuteSQL does not use the current found set to find records. For interest sake, the reason for needing this is to write an audit trail routine to stores all changes to tables  including old and new values when records are updated.