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Flashing Screen from List to Form Search except...

Question asked by dosborne99 on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by JackRodges

FileMaker Advanced v.14.0.6

Mac Sierra


I've been using FileMaker for years and have just run across the strangest thing. I have a "search" script that takes the user to the appropriate layout which is "form". If the user is in a "form" view, all is well. If the user is in "list" view, I get a flash as if the body is collapsing where I quickly see the header jump from the middle of the screen back to the top, under 2 conditions.


First, it will happen if there are not enough records in the current found set, to fill the window (body) height. Such as if there are only 3 records but a bunch of empty space below, before the footer.


Second, and this is the strange one, even if there are enough records to fill the window height, it will still flash if the current active record is the very first one in the list. If I go to the second record, last record, or random record in-between, all is well.


I've tried "freeze window" in my script in various places throughout, but I cannot figure this out. I've even tried an "if" clause that checks for "list view" and then show all records > go to last > commit request, before proceeding and that still doesn't work. *Update: this will work as long as I include a "refresh window" step instead of "commit request".


Any ideas?