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FileMaker Pro 12 Running on El Capitan or Sierra

Question asked by johnnyboykay on Dec 30, 2016
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My goal here:

To start a thread on using FileMaker Pro 12 on El Capitan or Sierra: Installation, use, limitations, bugs, and warnings.

My Status & Report of 1 Minor Bug:

I installed FileMaker Pro 12 years ago on a Late 2012 27" iMac when FMP12 was the current version. Since then, I have gone through all Apple's system upgrades and am now using Sierra. FMP12 seems to still be functional for my everyday use in my business. The only issue I have experienced since El Capitan is that I have to open the program first prior to opening any documents. If I try to directly double-click a file (if the Program is not already open), the file opens, but I cannot make changes to the data about 60% of the time, 40% of the time there is no problem. Not like a typical freeze. If that happens, I quit the program and open Filemaker first, then everything works fine. I have not tried all the functions yet, but I will keep you informed if I find any other issues. The bottom line is that FM Pro 12 is still doing everything I need including printing.

Next Hurdle & General Question:

I am about to purchase an early 2015 MacBook Air. It should come with either El Capitan or Sierra pre-installed. I hope to install my copy of FM 12 (From the original CD) on it as my portable for when I am out of the office. Is there anything I should be aware of that anyone else with 12 has experienced? Any other FM Pro 12 users out there? Will it just install as is or should I expect crashes due to all Apple's installation modifications over the last four years? What are your experiences or work-arounds?

Please DO NOT respond just to give me all the reasons to upgrade unless you have proof of dire consequences:

That is not the point of this thread and you will waste our time.