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Potential noobee Filemaker vs XOJO

Question asked by jer99 on Dec 30, 2016
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I'm an Apple Noobie and have been programming on a pc since the 80s. Mostly databases - Dbase, FoxPro, Access (VBA), Oracle PL/SQL.

I just purchased a MacBook Pro and want to create some apps for the iPhone (and potentially Android) market.

Since I'm used to databases, I'm starting with that and hoping to eventually learn SWIFT and perhaps Objective C



So much for that.

I'm thinking of writing my first app that saves quotes for different categories. At the user's request, it copies it to a web area and updates the quotes on the iPhone with whatever someone else wanted to share. In the future, I'm going to be developing an app for the Foreign Exchange arena which will entail a lot of math, functions, API connectivity, etc.



I looked into Filemaker and XOJO.

XOJO seems more like VBA or Basic and has more stringent rules and takes more time to develop with than Filemaker.

Filemaker seems like a very rapid development with a somewhat limited ability to create one's own procedures, etc. It also seems to limit users to using a Filemaker server and paying for access to such.



The Questions:

Is it possible to connect to  MS Access running on a web server (say godaddy) and utilize it in real time?  I'm familiar with MySQL a bit and if MS Access isn't possible is that?  Are the tools/drivers to do that built in? If not, are there a number of third part vendors? Do I *HAVE* to use a Filemaker server?


It appears that FM Developer allows you to develop with a copy of FM Pro - not FM Pro Advanced (that has development tools), however, the developer says it contains "tools" - What kind of tools ....anything that allows a programmer to write their own functions/procedures, set breakpoints, etc?


(Forgive me for this one) - Can anyone comment on the advantages/disadvantages of FM vs XOJO?



Thanks folks....